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TMG: Delete Marriages With Only One Principle (Updated)

February 6th, 2011 Comments off

Sometimes when you import data into TMG you may wind up with marriages where there is only one principle. Here are are the steps to delete those marriages tags with only one principle. You will need John Cardinal’s TMG Utility for this.

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TMG: Custom Tags that I Use

November 1st, 2009 Comments off

Here are some of the custom tags that I use in The Master Genealogist (TMG):



  • Principle
  • Witness

Principle Sentence:

[P] <|and [PO]> appeared on the census <of [D]> <[L]><- listed in the same household: [WO]>

Witness Sentence:

[W] appeared on the census <of [D]> in the household of [P] <and [PO]> <[L]>



  • Principle

Principle Sentence:

[P] <|and [PO]> appeared as neighbors on the census <of [D]> <[L]>


Use: To show how two principles are related as cousins by also listing their most recent common ancestor where the memo [M] would say “seventh cousins” or “4th cousins”, etc.


  • Principle
  • Progenitor

Principle Sentence:

[P] and [PO] were [M] <as they were both descendents of [R:Progenitor]>

Progenitor Sentence:

Possible Match

Use: Show that two different persons in the database may be the same person

Principle Sentence:

[P] and [PO] may be the same person.

Possible Children

Use: Show a list of persons believed to be the children of [N]

Principle Sentence:

[WO] have been identified as possible children of [P]

Witness Sentence (M/F):

[W] has been identified as possibly being a son of [P]

[W] has been identified as possibly being a daughter of [P]

Possible Event Connection

Use:I use this witness only tag when I have two candidates for an event. For example where I find a name on a military roster and there is one or more same named individuals for whom this fact may apply.

Witness Sentence:

[W] [M] <[D]> <[L]>< (See also [WO])>

Possible Relationship

Principle Sentence (M/F):

Some pedigrees indicate that [P1] was a son of [P2]<. [M]>

Some pedigrees indicate that [P1] was a daughter of [P2]<. [M]>

Possible Relationshop Connection

Principle Sentence:

[P] and [PO] may have been related<. [M]>

Possible Sibling

Principle Sentence:

[P] and [PO] were <[M]>

Possible Spouse

Principle Sentence (M/F):

Some sources suggest that [P1] was the husband of [P2]

Some sources suggest that [P1] was the wife of [P2]

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TMG Companion Products

May 9th, 2009 Comments off

The following is a list of companion products for TMG (The Master Genealogist):

For the full list of companion products, please visit the
Wholly Genes Community forum ( and click on "Companion Products."

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