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The Plantation, 52 Plantation Road, Lisburn, Co Down, BT27 5PH

July 20th, 2011 Comments off

My great, great, great-grandfather, William Kelsey’s old home in Northern Ireland is up for sale. Asking price half-a-mil USD. I wish I had that kind of money laying around. See more info at 



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Mystery Photos Solved

May 28th, 2011 Comments off

When my maternal grandmother died in the late 70′s she left us a photo album that mostly contained identifiable photos from the thirties and forties. There were some photos that dated from her grandmother’s time and no one knew who or what these photos were of. A number of years ago my mother gave the photo album to her brother and about ten years ago Uncle Bob gave the album to me. The three of us sat around looking at the pictures and when it came to the “ancient” photos neither my mom nor my Uncle had any idea who was in the photos or when they were taken. I wagered that I could figure out who was in the photos and when I told my mom that I figured that this was a photograph of the Bannon’s taken in the 1850′s she insisted that I could not be right because the women’s fashions were all wrong for the time.

As it turns out mother was right and I was wrong…

I was recently contacted by a woman in Northern Ireland who it turns out is a cousin – her great grandfather, Henderson Kelsey, was a brother of my great great grandmother, Henrietta Kelsey. Our common ancestors are William Kelsey and Mary Emily Knox. My North Ireland correspondent is very familiar with scene shown in one of the photographs as it was taken at the place where she was born near Lisburn, outside of the Belfast. The place, known as the Plantation, was the family farm that was inherited by her great grandfather, Henderson Kelsey, and by her grandfather, William Henderson Kelsey, and father. The Plantation is located at  52 Plantation Road Lisburn, UK.

The house was originally built in 1784 by John Barbour, a Scot. He started a linen mill on the property and when he died in 1823 his son John continued the factory at Plantation and another son William started his own factory at Hilden outside Belfast When John died in 1831 his brother William purchased the plant at Plantation incorporating it into the Hilden works. The Barbours were world famous linen thread makers and had factories in America.

William Kelsey took over the tenancy of Plantation in 1840 and he operated a corn mill on the premises and farmed the land . His son, Henderson, inherited the farm from his father as he seems to have been the only son who remained in Ireland.

Before William and Mary Emily Knox Kelsey moved to Lisburn they lived at Drumnenockan outside Dromore Co Down according to the freeholders records for 1824 D/654/A3/IT held in PRONI.  Some of their children were born at Dromore and the younger ones at Lisburn.

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Another Mystery Photo

May 21st, 2011 Comments off

There are two photos that I misidentified as being of the Bannon Family and taken in the 1850’s. As it turns out these two photos are of the Henderson Kelsey family and taken in the 1890’s.




The photo above appears to have been taken outside The Plantation (52 Plantation Rd, Lisburn, UK) and is of Henderson Kelsey and his family.
Back row (l-r): Maggie Clarke Kelsey – Thomas Kelsey (1875-1948) – William Henderson Kelsey (1872) – Maggie Emily Kelsey (1876-1964)
Seated on bench (l-r): Walter Kelsey (1880-1960) – Anna Mary (Dolly) Kelsey (1882-1961) – Henderson Kelsey (c1839-1910)
Seated on the ground Louisa Malcolmson Kelsey (1884-1968) She looks about 10 years old so perhaps the photo was taken about 1894.

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Mystery Photo

May 18th, 2011 Comments off

My grandmother left a photo album of family pictures that she and her mother collected. I acquired this album a number of years from my mother and have been able to identify all of the people in the pictures except those in one photograph. The picture below was made sometime in the late 19th to early 20th century and I believe the people in the photograph to be relatives of my great-great grandmother, Henrietta Kelsey Bannon.


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