My French Connection

et8 In My French Connection, I describe my involvement with a group of fellow researchers who were interested in the French who settled in Ohio and who helped me greatly in researching the Gaume family…

Five Families in Ohio

According to my father his paternal grandmother, Della Gaum, was born in Ohio before later moving to Kansas. This is all that I knew about my great-grandmother before discovering on my own the story of her family. In 1985, I made a trek to the National Archives branch in southern California. At the National Archives, [...]

The Family of Francis Gaume

Then, we come to the family of my ggg-grandfather, Francis Gaume, Sr., as it appeared in the US Census of 1850. Most of what I learned at first regarding Francis Gaume, Sr. came primarily from his appearance in the US census records for 1850 and 1860 where he is listed with his wife and children. [...]

From France to Ohio

Why the Gaume family and other collateral families left northeastern France to settle in northeastern Ohio is not entirely clear. The economic and political climate in the post-Napoleonic France of the 1830′s has been described as humdrum. Following the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, the Bourbon monarchy was restored and Charles X became king in [...]

The Favier Family

The family of my ggg-grandmother, Elise Faiver and her sister, Josephine presented a bit of challenge. The Stark County Story by Heald states that a Joseph Faiver had "five daughters and one son". One daughter is mentioned by name and the other is said to have belonged to the Ursuline order. The obituary of Sophie [...]