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My Life As Seen From Outerspace

December 4th, 2011 Comments off

Right after Google Earth was released in 2005, I thought that it would be interesting to see if I could locate all of the places that I lived over the past 50 years (1955-2005). I collected snapshots of satellite pictures of the places that I resided and schools that I attended as kid. Six years later I finally got around to putting it all together in a presentation that documents these shots. In each of the shots the pictures are oriented facing the front of the structure. On most of the pictures there is compass rose showing the orientation of the map. If you hover your mouse over some of the maps you will see tips regarding some of the features.

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B+ for G+

July 23rd, 2011 Comments off

google_plus_logoI spent the day playing around with Google Plus and came away with two take-a-ways… It’s new and it’s cool. The only criticism I have so far of G+ is that it does not yet have a public developer’s API such as FB and Twitter have. As a software developer, it has always been for me "if I can’t program it, I don’t want it."  Please Google publish the G+ API soon; otherwise you can’t compete with FB.

Why did Google wait so long to introduce this FB competitor? My theory is that Google could have introduced Google+ a couple of years ago, but held out for a time as the novelty of Facebook has waned. No sense competing right out of the gate, but rather wait for that first horse to get a little winded and overly confident. Kind of like the tortoise and the hare…

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FireFox and Fonts

December 17th, 2009 Comments off

For years now people have told me how FireFox is oh-so-much better than Internet Explorer (IE), but so far I have refused to use FireFox because I hated the way that FireFox renders fonts.

I have learned the reason why FireFox renders fonts in such a sickly thin format. Because FireFox is a cross-platform browser, it does not do some of the things that IE, a Windows-only browser, does. IE uses clear-type fonts to render and display fonts; FireFox does not.

The simple fix is to turn on clear type fonts. Several places described going to Appearance and Themes in the Control Panel and under the Appearance tab to select the Effects button then turn on Clear Type fonts, but on my XP pro I didn’t have that option.

What I found was an XP Power Toy at Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP called ClearType Tuner. This is a control panel applet that allows you use ClearType technology to make it easier to read text on your screen, and installs in the Control Panel for easy access. It has a wizard interface where you can turn on Clear Type fonts and select and preview how the fonts will appear. Once Clear Type fonts are turned on, Fire Fox fonts will be much easier on the eyes.

Someday I may make FireFox my default browser… 47% of browser users can’t be all wrong.

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Legacy News: Windows 7 and virtual software

May 14th, 2009 Comments off

This May 5, 2009 article at Millenia’s Legacy News has a great tip for those that cannot wait for the next version of Windows to officially released:

I personally would not suggest installing pre-release software, especially an entire operating system, for use with your one copy of every-day critical data. After all, you would also have to backup all your files and reinstall all your software (unless you are currently using Windows Vista). But if you are one of those techie nerds like myself who wants a jump on all the latest software, I suggest that you install Windows 7 in a "virtual PC" environment or on a spare computer. Using Microsoft’s free Virtual PC 2007 or Sun Microsystem’s free VirtualBox, you can run multiple operating systems at once, on your one computer.

See Legacy News: Windows 7 and virtual software

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