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Tracing genetic genealogy on a global scale | PRI.ORG

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Where did we come from? Evolutionary biologist Spencer Wells is pretty close to the answer. He’s the National Geographic "Explorer-in-Residence" and heads an initiative called the Genographic Project. By collecting DNA samples from people around the world, he’s tracing the paths of human migration, and he’s uncovered some startling facts about homo sapi.

See Tracing genetic genealogy on a global scale | PRI.ORG

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Links for Dobbs Surname y-DNA Project

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Links Regarding This Group

Tools For DNA Researchers


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New Dobbs Surname Websites

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Stan Bevers, a Dobbs descendant and family history researcher, has recently established two new web sites:

Dobbs Genealogy Forum at Yahoo Groups which is described as follows:

While this Dobbs Discussion Group has been established to augment the Dobbs DNA Project, we have no wish to limit membership to DNA Project participants, nor do we wish to limit discussions to topics involving only genetic genealogy.

We want to create an open forum for all Dobbs researchers, and all researchers with any variation of the Dobbs spelling.

Dobbs Y-DNA Project at Family Tree DNA

The surname of DOBBS is found throughout Colonial and early America. We are looking to connect related DOBBS families, and also distinguish separate family lines. Even when two individuals are not a genetic match, this information is still important for genealogy studies. We hope to link the earliest American DOBBS families with not only each other, but also the European families from which they came.
The tests are administered by a company named "Family Tree DNA" . The actual test is quite simple. Participants are mailed a DNA Test Kit and all they have to do is swab the inside of their mouth a couple times. Then, mail the kit back, and that’s all there is to it. It takes about 4-6 weeks to get the results back. There are four types of tests, the 12-marker, the 25-marker, the 37-marker, and the 67-marker. Each male will have one of several possible "alleles" at each "gene site." These differences are what distinguish individuals and their close paternal line relatives from other individuals and paternal lines. The more differences between any two individuals, the more generations there are that separate the two individuals from a common paternal ancestor. Two or three allele differences out of 12 gene sites, and four or five among 25, generally indicate that the common paternal ancestor pre-dates the widespread use of surnames, which began about 800 years ago. Of course, this is statistical probability and not absolute.

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Genealogy researcher to offer tips for tracing Civil War ancestry | The Southside Times

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From Southside Times Beach Grove, Indiana

Ron Darrah, Chair of the Society of Civil War Families of Indiana, will introduce methods for uncovering Civil War-era family history on Saturday, May 16, from 10 a.m. to noon at Johnson County Public Library’s Franklin Branch.

Genealogy researcher to offer tips for tracing Civil War ancestry | The Southside Times

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