Biographical Sketch of Patrick Bannon

pbannon2 Patrick Bannon, the second son of Elenora Keenan, was born on July 12, 1824 in Killough, Down Co., Ireland. He emigrated circa 1843 from Ireland. He was naturalized in 1854 in Louisville, Kentucky. He married Louisa Ellen Smith, daughter of Early Smith, in 1860 in Louisville, Kentucky. He was President of the Board of the Council and on the Louisville City Council. He died on February 6, 1906 in Louisville, Kentucky, at age 81. He was a terra cotta manufacturer and owned a number of factories in the city of Louisville.

When I visited the LDS Library in 1985, I found "A Biographical Sketch of Patrick Bannon" in History of Kentucky by Z. F. Smith c.1870:

Patrick Bannon was born at Killough, County Down, Ireland, July 12, 1824, the son of Patrick and Eleanor Bannon. He came to America and to Cincinnati in April 1849, where in the course of six months, he began business for himself in the plastering trade. This business he had mastered in all its branches before leaving Ireland, so that he was fully equipped for its practice in this country where artisans of his class were then scarce.

In the autumn of 1850 he came to Louisville to finish the interior of the Cathedral on Fifth street, and again returned in 1852 to plaster the Fourth Street Baptist church. Locating here, he speedily established and enlarged a lucrative business in his line. In 1863 he added terra cotta work, which soon assumed such proportions as to absorb all his time.

This new business enlarged rapidly and easily led into the manufacture of sewer pipe in 1868. Located on Thirteenth and Lexington streets, the plant now covers a large area and is valued at $100,000. Shipments of wares extend over the entire South.

Recently the enterprise of Mr. Bannon created a plant on Magnolia avenue for manufacturing vitrified paving brick, which is one of the finest and best equipped in the country and cost nearly $60,000.

Mr. Bannon carries on the Falls City Sewer Pipe and Terra Cotta Works under his name alone. The firm of M.J. Bannon & Co. is a large dealer in lime, foreign and domestic cements, etc., and its members are M.J. and Patrick Bannon. Mr. Bannon is also President and principle stockholder of the Kentucky Vitrified Paving Brick Company, and, in all his enterprises above named, his sons occupy responsible positions.

In 1860 Mr. Bannon was united in marriage to Miss Louisa Smith, a daughter of Early Smith, of Jefferson county. His wife dying in 1878, he was married again to Mrs. Susan Brackheimer. He has seven children, three boys and four girls, all living and of age. His sons, Martin J., Richard B., and Patrick, Jr., are associated with their father’s large business interests. Mr. Bannon while patriotic and loyal to his adopted county, has ever manifested the liveliest sympathy with the sufferings of oppressed Ireland, and has been connected with every patriotic movement for the deliverance of her people from English tyranny and the achievement of Home Rule. as the only means to insure her moral and material prosperity. He has likewise shown himself always responsive to the calls of benevolence and charity at home. He was for several years a member of the City Council, and President of the Board of Council in 1868. Few citizens have done more than he to promote the substantial prosperity of Louisville and to benefit her people.

From newspaper accounts and the biographical-sketch of Patrick Bannon, I have identified the following Bannon-owned companies:

  • P. Bannon Pipe Company – founded by Patrick Bannon in 1852 and operated by his sons Martin Jefferson Bannon and Patrick Bannon was located at 528 W. Jefferson St., Louisville, Kentucky. A second plant existed at Ninth and Magnolia St. in Louisville.
  • Kentucky Vitrified Paving Brick Company – Owned an operated by Richard Bannon.
  • Falls City Terra Cotta Works – Patrick Bannon and sons.
  • Southern Wall Plaster Company – Owned and operated by Arthur J. Bannon and Erhard Joseph Kollros was located at Floyd and A street in Louisville, Kentucky

As far as I know, none of these companies exists today and probably has not been around since the stock market crash in 1929.