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B+ for G+

July 23rd, 2011

google_plus_logoI spent the day playing around with Google Plus and came away with two take-a-ways… It’s new and it’s cool. The only criticism I have so far of G+ is that it does not yet have a public developer’s API such as FB and Twitter have. As a software developer, it has always been for me "if I can’t program it, I don’t want it."  Please Google publish the G+ API soon; otherwise you can’t compete with FB.

Why did Google wait so long to introduce this FB competitor? My theory is that Google could have introduced Google+ a couple of years ago, but held out for a time as the novelty of Facebook has waned. No sense competing right out of the gate, but rather wait for that first horse to get a little winded and overly confident. Kind of like the tortoise and the hare…

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