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August 18th, 2009

Researching the line of Hannah Bancroft (1702-1764), wife of Edward Pickering of Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of John Bancroft and grand-daughter of John Bancroft.

This excerpt is from "History of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, page 118.

upon occurrences frequent in those days JOHN BANCROFT died in 1637 He had two sons Thomas and John and his descendants remain The name was sometimes spelled Barer o ft indeed it is questionable whether that was not the original spelling the change easily occurring Jane the wife with whom this settler was blessed does not seem to have been the most amiable of women By the record of the Court held at Boston in 1633 it appears that Mr John Bar croft doeth acknowledge to owe vnto or Souaigne the King the some of xlu & Mr Samll Mauacke the som of xxZ fec The condicon of this recognizance is that Jane Barcroft wife of the said John shall be of good behavr towards all psons George Bancroft the eminent historian is a lineal descendant from this Lynn planter
History of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts: Including Lynnfield, Saugus … By James Robinson Newhall, Alonzo Lewis

"The first burial in the Old Burying Ground, at the west end of the Common, so far as is certainly known, took place this year.  The remains interred were those of John Bancroft; the same individual spoken of on page 118, as ancestor of George Bancroft the distinguished historian.
Pages 170-171

Hannah Bancroft was first married to Joseph Gowing. In excerpt below the name is shown as "GOING" (pg 303)

at Danvers Nov 18 1766 PICKERING see also Pikering Benj amin F int a 23 y cordwainer s Abraham and Sally and Sarah E Hardy a 17 y d Nathaniel and Eliza June 24 1847 Edward of Salem and Hannah Going Mar 12 1724 Hannah and Charles W Hawkes Feb 8 1842 James of Salem and Thanckfull Mower int Jan 7 1727 8 James and Harriet Organ June 5 1817 James and Sally H Edmester Jan 12 1823 Thanckfull Mrs int and Rev Joseph Champney of Beverly Nov 1 1733 William and Eliza Aborn Apr 9 1826
Vital Records of Lynn, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 By Lynn (Mass.), Lynn (Mass

Reading, Massachusetts – Bancroft and Eaton – page xiv

are not printed From Eaton's History of Reading a very general estimate is made which includes among the most numerous family names those of Bancroft Boutwell Browne Bryant Cowdry Damon Eaton Emerson Evans Fitch Flint Green Hartshorne Nichols Parker Poole Pratt Smith Stimpson Swain Temple Wakefield Walton Weston and Wiley
Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of … By William Richard Cutter, William Frederick Adams

1848 Early Settlers of Reading and South Reading John Eaton of the PZayne died 16D1 John Eaton of the Hill died 1695 Daniel Hitchings James Hay William Hodgkins Francis Hutchinson died 1702 47
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register

"Nicholas Brown, son of Joseph Brown (2), was born in Reading. Massachusetts, September 22, 1677. He married, May 28. 1700, Rebecca Nichols. who was born August 10. 1684, daughter of Captain Thomas and Rebecca (Eaton) Nichols. After ihe death of Nicholas Brown, his widow married (second) Deacon Jonathan Barrett, as his second wife. Her father, Captain William Nichols, married. December 1, 1680, in Reading. Rebecca, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Kendall) Eaton. John Eaton was born in Staple, county Kent, December 20, 1635 ; his father, William Eaton, was born about 1604-5 ! they settled in Watertown, Massachusetts, and Reading, where William died May 13, 1673, and Martha, his widow, November 14, 1680. John Eaton died in 1691 in Reading also. Elizabeth Kendall, who married John Eaton, was daughter of Thomas Kendall, of Reading, brother of Francis Kendall, of Woburn (See sketch of Kendall family in this work.) Rebecca Kendall, widow of Deacon Thomas Kendall, died July 17, 1703, aged eighty-five years. Her epitaph is famous : "Here lyeth the mother of ten who had 175 grand and great grand children." But her descendants were all by her daughters; those of the name Kendall are as a rule descended from Francis Kendall."

Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of … By Ellery Bicknell Crane  Published 1907 The Lewis Publishing Company – pgs. 305-306

"KENDALL FAMILY. The family to which belongs George Nelson Kendall, of Athol, Massachusetts, came originally from town of Kendall, on river Kent, Westmoreland county, England. The emigrants to this country were Francis and Deacon Thomas Kendall, who sailed from England under the alias of Miles, again taking the name of Kendall on reaching this country. Their father, John Kendall, lived in Cambridge, England, in 1646, and died there in 1660. Francis Kendall is the common ancestor of all the Kendalls in this country, Deacon Thomas having ten daughters but no sons. Francis Kendall, above mentioned, was in Charlestown, Massachusetts, prior to 1640. He was a large landholder and a miller by occupation. He died in 1708. He married, at Woburn, Massachusetts, December 24, 1644, Mary Tidd, and their sons, born in Woburn, Massachusetts, were : John, July 2, 1646 ; Thomas. January io, 1648 ; Samuel, March 8, 1659; Jacob, January 25, 1660. John Tidd. Tead, Ted or Teed, embarked May 12. 1637. at Yarmouth,. England, aged nineteen, as servant of Samuel Greenfield, of Norwich. Was of Charles- town that year, subscribed there in December, 1640, Town Orders" for Woburn, taxed at Woburn, 1645, chosen surveyor of fences 1646. His wife Margaret died in 1651. He had second wife Alice, daughters Mary and Elizabeth, and a son John. His daughter Mary was doubtless wife of Francis Kendall."

Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of … By Ellery Bicknell Crane  Published 1907 The Lewis Publishing Company – pgs. 423-424

Thomas Patten m 2nd widow Sarah Dunton or Did son of Redding the 20 May 1686 Billerica dau of Dea Thomas and Rebeckah Kendall b 22 June 1653 Reading as Sarah dau of Thomas Kendall d 20 Nov 1734 Billerica as Sarah wife of Thomas Richardson Kendall Family by Walter R Kendall Sarah Kendall m 1st Samuel Dunton Dustin by m rec 17 June 1673 Reading son of Samuel and Ann Felch Dunton b 15 Oct 1647 Reading as Samuel son of Samuel Dunton d 7 Nov 1683 Reading as Samuel Dunton Felch Family by W Farrand Felch Sarah Dunton m 2nd Thomas Patten as shown above
The History of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles of Roxbury, Mass. and Their … By John William Linzee pg 482

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