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List of GEDCOM-To-HTML Tools

August 22nd, 2009

Below is a list of various gedcom-to-html tools found on the web (including my own UncleGED). The description of each was taken from their web-sites:

Title Description
Ahne2Web The program that makes web pages of your ancestors and other persons. Pages that your readers will find fast, informative, nice-looking and easy to search! You take a GEDCOM file out of your genealogy program, and with Ahne2Web you make web pages without any knowledge of html or other technicalities. You publish your pages by uploading them to the site that belongs to your Internet subscription. 
Family Album 1.0 The Genealogy Family Album is a shareware program which will read GedCom genealogy files (*.ged) and display them over the Internet. The applet will also read a specially modified GedCom file which allows inclusion of related pictures or histories with the names in the file. 
GED Browser The ultimate tool for converting your genealogy to HTML. No other tool uses such a unique and appealing design that displays both descendants and ancestors in one chart, giving virtually all the information found on a family group sheet. 
ged2html GED2HTML is a program that inputs genealogical data in GEDCOM format, and outputs a collection of HTML files suitable for presentation on the World Wide Web. 
Ged2Web Ged2web is program for generating a set of web pages from a GEDCOM file. 
GED2WWW GED2WWW is a free GEDCOM to HTML converter; it takes a genealogy database stored in GEDCOM format and produces a bunch of web pages from it. 
GED4WEB GED4WEB converts your genealogy information into attractive webpages which are easy to navigate and understand. 
Gedail Gedail is a program that generates a web site using the data in a Gedcom standard format. 
ged-gen GED-GEN generates customized web pages you can use to create your own genealogy website. By publishing your genealogical research on the Internet, you can easily share it with relatives and fellow researchers, who are often distant cousins. 
GedHTree GedHTree is a program for Windows 95 through XP and Vista users that processes GEDCOM files to generate output pages in HTML format. 
Gedpage Gedpage, the premiere gedcom to html webpage builder, has been used to create thousands of web sites, and millions of pages from all corners of the globe. 
gedreporter GedReporter is a tool for generating reports and web sites from your genealogy database, using GEDCOM files. A scripting language similar to Visual Basic allows for complete customization. 
GEDvisual {No Description Provided} 
Genealogy Site Builder Genealogy Site Builder is a Windows 95/98 program to designed create genealogy web sites from GEDCOM files. 
HtmlPedigree HtmlPedigree is a new computer program that produces web pages from genealogical data in a GEDCOM file. 
Oxy-Gen Convert GEDCOM genealogical files ready for you to place your genealogy on the Internet or on DVD/CD-ROM’s. You can convert to the following file formats HTML, CSV (Access, Excel, Open Office(Calc)), PHP (MySQL), XML and SQL(Oracle). 
PerlGed 2.0 PerlGed is a script that creates Web pages based on info from a GEDCOM file. Nearly all genealogy programs today can export information in the GEDCOM format, creating a single plain-text file. PerlGed pulls information from such a file and creates Web pages “on the fly” to display individual and family records and simple ancestor/descendant charts. 
PhpGedView PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and document images. PhpGedView also simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on your family tree. Your latest genealogy information is always on your website and available for others to see. 
RootsView Sorry, but RootsView is no longer sold or supported. 
SecondSite Second Site is the best way to publish your TMG data in HTML format. It has more features and provides more control than any GEDCOM-based method. If you are serious about publishing your TMG data on the Web, or if you are sharing your data with family members on custom CDs, you need Second Site! 
UncleGED UncleGED is a free GEDCOM-to-HTML conversion tool…. not to be confused with a character in a very funny 1960′s sitcom… that was Uncle Jed Clampett, kin to the Bodine family… no relation.
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